Five Simple Interior Decorating Ideas to Keep your Rental Looking Fresh

Whether you want to attract a tenant or keep one, these five simple interior decorating ideas are a wonderful way to add class to your rental. There is no need to go overboard, but current and future tenants will notice that you cared enough to add some special touches to their home. These tips could also contribute towards making your tenant feel appreciated too! 

  1. Decorating with Mirrors

    Mirrors are classy, simple, and let’s be real; everyone enjoys looking at themselves in a mirror! Mirrors also have the added benefit of making small spaces look larger and more spacious than they are.

  2. Shelves

    You should avoid setting things on tables because of the clutter factor and extra storage space is something every tenant looks for in a rental home. Shelves are a win-win for everyone.

    Pro tip: Pick shorter shelves that won’t topple over or be sure you secure shelves according to their instructions to avoid a liability problem.

  3. Canvas Paintings

    Often times, you will need to set rules about putting nails in walls. Reduce the need for amateurs banging nails into your wall by adding just a few attractive hangings on the wall, while not overwhelming tenants with your own taste in art.

    Pro tip: Go to a local art fair or market for cheap but beautiful art pieces made from local amateurs.

  1. Light Switch Covers

    Find affordable light switch covers to replace any broken, damaged or discolored covers. This small change makes a big difference while showing your tenant you care about the details.

  1. Lighting

    Avoid making your rental feel like a hospital. Instead, switch out fluorescent light bulbs you have with LED bulbs. Lighting is everything!

What are some easy ways you have found to spice up your rental while not spending a fortune? Share your favorite tips with us below in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Five Simple Interior Decorating Ideas to Keep your Rental Looking Fresh

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  3. Aynsley Dunbar Reply

    Caulk, de-caulk, re-caulk!
    Caulk will help with cracks, rough edges, minor damages and gaps between different surfaces and materials. Caulking around door and window frames, along base boards, at transitions of cabinets, countertops and backsplashes to walls will give a much more finished look, especially when painted. (Latex and acryllic caulks are paintable. Silicone is generally not.) Caulking can also be a very effective weather sealant, energy saver, and insect control measure.
    “De-caulk” where there are very old, cracked, heavily overpainted or too many accumulated layers of caulk.
    Joints that appear too filled in or no longer have an even surface won’t improve by being covered over with another layer. Start fresh by removing the old.
    Re-caulk as part of any long-term maintenance routine– like painting. Be especially attentive to the more functional areas where caulking is more than just asthetic, like around sinks, showers and tubs. This is where the silicones are best. In the really wet areas be sure to get mold-resistant formulations.

    • Elizabeth Post authorReply

      Thank you for your thoughts! Super helpful for landlords. Caulking sounds like it is king!

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